Murder Mystery

Argyll Hotel is famously known to hold the best Murder Mystery weekends in Dunoon. You are sure to be guaranteed a weekend of fun and laughter.

Enjoy weekends of mayhem, laughter and surprises at the Argyll Hotel Dunoon. Become a gangster, or a spy, investigate a Clan murder or spooky goings on at Scotland’s most haunted hotel — whichever you choose, you’ll have a fabulous weekend.


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1st + 2nd Februry  2019.....An 'Allo 'Allo Tribute

Listen very carefully, as everyone has something to hide!!  The enemy has marched into town...


22nd + 23rd March 2019.....Blazin' Puddles

There's a new Marshall in the town of Little Puddle - don your stetsons and join the ride. Yee Haw!!!


17th + 18th May 2019..... An Inconvenient Wedding

Two families join to celebrate the wedding of Lady Mary Campbell to her betrothed, will the naughty groom behave? No fighting please!


7th + 8th June 2019...Fawlty Towers Tribute

Your hosts, Basil + Sybil, will 'almost' welcome youto a 'jolly nice' night out but don't mention the war!!


26th + 27th July 2019.....The Godmother

Don Cannelloni has called a meeting of all the mafia families, there's a plot being hatched. No cops is allowed!


13th + 14th Sept 2019.....Live + Let Spy

The world's top Secret Super Spies gather at the Tip Top Hush Hush Annual Espionage Gathering to meet Uber Spy Star 008 Kinky Nights!


25th + 26th Oct 2019..... The Skeleton wedding

As moonlight falls, a ghostly wedding party gather...will the awfull wedded wife and her ghastly bethrothed find true love??


29th + 30th Nov 2019..... The Curse of the Doomed Pirate

Ahoy me hearties, it's every man, woman + parrot for themselves!!  This voyage is only for the bravest of buccaneers

1st + 2nd February 2019

'Allo, 'Allo Tribute

Resistance is in the air, the enemy has marched into town!

You must listen very carefully, as everyone has something to hide.  Tel your loved ones au revoir and join the mayhem at the Café of René.  What will happen??? Je ne sais quoi!!

22nd + 23rd March 2019

Blazin' Puddles

The 'Man with No Shame' and his lawless gang have been riding roughshod all over the good citizens of Little Puddle...but there's a new Marshall in town and he's gonna clean up the mess.  Beware all you rustlers, saloon gals, injuns and wranglers, don your stetsons and join the ride!  Yee Haw!!

2018 Murder Mysteries at a Glance...



All 1 night packages from only £89 per person. Includes 1 night spine chilling entertainment, dinner bed and breakfast.

All 2 night packages from only £109 per person. Includes 2 nights dinner, bed and breakfast & spine chilling entertainment.


Murder Mystery Themes at a glance..... 

     Audutions with a Vampire - 26th-28th October


 A fantastic night out... Countess Coffin, CEO of The Coffin Agency, I slooking for new raw talent,

     it could be YOU. Join the super secret gathering of the undead and discover if you have what it takes

         to become a star of stage, screen, and SCREAM!






 Live & Let Spy - 30th November-1st December

  A weekend of glitz, glamour and kinky goings on!

 Calling the world's most gorgeous super spies for a Tip Top Secret gathering.

 Lord Legover, international movie maker, is looking for a new uber super secret

 Spy Star 'Secret Agent Kinky Nights'. Can you beat the competition?

 Prepare to be shaken , not stirred, and Dress to impress, Lord Legover likes it that way.







26th + 27th October 2018

Auditions with a Vampire

A fang-tastic night Countess Coffin who is looking for some new, super 'raw' could be YOU!

Join the secret gathering of the undead to see if you have what it takes to become the new star of stage + scream