Murder Mystery

Argyll Hotel is famously known to hold the best Murder Mystery weekends in Dunoon. You are sure to be guaranteed a weekend of fun and laughter.

Enjoy weekends of mayhem, laughter and surprises at the Argyll Hotel Dunoon. Become a gangster, or a spy, investigate a Clan murder or spooky goings on at Scotland’s most haunted hotel — whichever you choose, you’ll have a fabulous weekend.


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2018 Murder Mysteries at a Glance...



All 1 night packages from only £89 per person. Includes 1 night spine chilling entertainment, dinner bed and breakfast.

All 2 night packages from only £109 per person. Includes 2 nights dinner, bed and breakfast & spine chilling entertainment.


Murder Mystery Themes...


     Spying Tonight - Saturday 20th January 

     Calling the world's super spies for a Tip Top Secret gathering.

     Lord Legover, international movie maker is looking for a new uber secret Spy Star 'Secret Agent Kinky Nights'.

     Can you beat the competition? Prepare to be shaken, not stirred! Saturday night only





     Fawlty Towers Tribute   -  23rd-25th February   +  8th-10th June            

     Join Britian's top antique TV show hosts for their weekend annual Gala 'Get It Together'.

     Your hosts Basil and Sybil in their truly unique style will 'almost' welcome you for a 'jolly nice' weekend away.

     Inspired by a much loved iconic show, you are invited to join the laughs and discover just exactly what is

                                            going on, because 'we are darned if we know'.






     A Highland Wedding   -  23rd-25th March 

     A madcap Clan gathering of murder, revenge, and an awful wedded wife!

     Two great warrior Clans are united for one weekend only, at last through er, 'love'. The father of the Bride is your host,

     and he has promised his Lady Wife to be on his best behaviour and not to have anyone beheaded!

     Your presence is required to bear witness and help our naughty Lord behave and see our reluctant Bride wed!



  'Allo 'Allo 'Allo - 20th-22nd April + 21st-23rd Sept  

     Listen very carefully, as simply everyone has something to hide!

     This weekend,  reisistance is in the air as the enemy soldiers march into town. Step back in time to German occupied

     France, for a rip roaring, 'we shall say zis only once' "Allo, 'Allo Tribute" Murder Mystery show!




Wild West Rides Again   -   11th-13th May

Sheriff Bandy Leggs is in a fix, Cowboys and Cowgals are kickin up a rumpus in his nice quiet tow

and someone is a killin and some else is a steelin' and the Sheriff just aint happy, no Siree.

Come along and Line dance your way into this no hope town for a rip-roarin hog-killin time. Yeehaa!




   Pirates Ahoy - 7th July Saturday only 


    Calling all the world's meanest, baddest boldest, blackest pirate gangs to a secret meeting of the Brotherhood.

    Someone has pinched the treasure and we aim to discover WHO! It's every man, woman and parrot for himself.

    Dare you walk the plank and join the Pirate convention? Arrrrrrrrr!







     Mumma  Mia Gangsters - 11th August Saturday only

   A naughty prohibition Gangster romp! A new gang is in town and is putting all us dirty rats outta business!

   Capo Da Capo Don Cannelloni requests the urgent pleasure of your company,

        to renew your family vows and help hatch a plot. Mafia gangs welcome, no cops allowed.





 Audutions with a Vampire - 26th-28th October


 A fantastic night out... Countess Coffin, CEO of The Coffin Agency, I slooking for new raw talent,

     it could be YOU. Join the super secret gathering of the undead and discover if you have what it takes

         to become a star of stage, screen, and SCREAM!






 Live & Let Spy - 30th November-1st December

  A weekend of glitz, glamour and kinky goings on!

 Calling the world's most gorgeous super spies for a Tip Top Secret gathering.

 Lord Legover, international movie maker, is looking for a new uber super secret

 Spy Star 'Secret Agent Kinky Nights'. Can you beat the competition?

 Prepare to be shaken , not stirred, and Dress to impress, Lord Legover likes it that way.