Meeting Rooms

Welcome to the Leapark Hotel – where your meetings transform into unforgettable experiences! Our versatile meeting rooms are designed to inspire creativity, foster collaboration, and ensure your gatherings are nothing short of success. Whether you’re hosting a strategic board meeting, a creative workshop, or a product launch, we cater to your unique requirements.

Conference Rooms

We have various conference rooms in different sizes to cater for all requirements.

A day delegate rate is available also a 24hr delegate rate if overnight accommodation is required.

  • Baron Room 2-20 delegates
  • Duke Room 12 -70 delegates
  • Patio Suite 8 -70 delegates
  • Garden Suite 25 -250 delegates

Board Room Setup

The board room setup is conventional and widely utilized across various types of meetings. Featuring a large, central table with chairs placed around it, this setup exudes a formal and focused environment. It is best suited for small to medium-sized meetings and is predominantly used for scenarios that require close interaction, discussion, and decision-making, such as board meetings, team discussions, and client meetings.

U-shape Setup

The U-shape setup, as the name implies, involves arranging tables and chairs in a U-shaped configuration. This setup incorporates an open end, which provides a focal point, usually utilized by a speaker or presenter. The U-shape arrangement is particularly beneficial for meetings or sessions that necessitate a leader, trainer, or presenter while also fostering interaction among attendees.

Theatre Setup

Opting for a theatre setup involves aligning chairs in rows facing forward towards a stage or central focal point, devoid of tables. This setup mirrors the arrangement found in theaters or auditoriums and is primarily utilized for events where attendees are spectators rather than active participants. Suitable for presentations, lectures, product launches, and other similar events, the theatre setup aims to accommodate large audiences efficiently.

Cabaret Setup

Known alternatively as a “half-round” setup, the cabaret configuration involves placing round tables in the room, partially surrounded by chairs, while leaving a gap that faces the stage or main focal point. Attendees are usually seated in a semi-circle around each table, facilitating easy viewing of presentations without needing to adjust seating. This setup is commonly employed in events that necessitate a blend of presentations and group interactions or dining, such as workshops, gala dinners, and awards nights.

For meetings of 20 delegates or more, we offer a day delegate rate.

Warmly welcoming attendees to the meeting rooms, a serving of tea or coffee partnered with fresh scones sets an inviting and energizing tone upon arrival. 

  • Tea/coffee & scones on arrival
  • Tea/coffee & biscuits mid-morning
  • 2 Course bar lunch
  • Tea/coffee & pastries mid-afternoon
  • Stationery Supplies
  • Complimentary High speed W-fi
  • Flip Chart Stand, Pens & Paper
  • Data projector and screen
  • Photocopying & Printing Services available

Luxury car transportation for VIP’s (available on request, additional charge applies)